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Before checking out our trekking options, please make sure to read through the official park rules as brought to you by the National park rangers!


If you have any questions or queries regarding jungle etiquette, please check out our blog post with further details here!
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All treks include:

Food, water, both jungle permits (HPI and TNGL), 24/7 professional guiding and assistance along with rafting home.

Overnight treks include:

All the above plus camp use (tents, mosquito nets, blankets and mattresses) and Aini's eco-soap!

Below are the 'standard' treks, however we can accommodate personalised needs:

  • multiple days trekking WITHOUT sleeping in the jungle,

  • specialised diets (coeliac, vegan, vegetarian),

  • focus on specific species,

  • survival jungle skills (such as camp building, foraging etc.)


Family day expedition

Our gentlest jungle trek lasting an action packed 6 hours!


€70 p.person

After breakfast at your guesthouse, let us lead you through the cascading jungle to discover the semi-wild orang-utans located in and around the jungle border. A delicious local lunch along with an artisan fruit salad is included in your trek, along with a white water rafting trip back to Bukit Lawang. 

Punky Monkey

2 Day Expedition

A one-night sleep over in the jungle, to earn your jungle stripes!

2 days + 1 night

€120 p.person

Explore deeper into the jungle, and enjoy a riverside camping location, fit for any Tarzan or Jungle Jane! Prices include lunch, fruit salad and dinner on the first day of your voyage, and breakfast, lunch and fruit salad on the second day. End your trip with a breath taking white water rafting adventure home!

4 Day Expedition

Experience the jungle like never before, and learn tricks of the trade

4 days + 3 nights

€250 p.person

Prepare yourself for a completely different atmosphere as you enter the heart of the jungle. As birds of paradise wake you at sunrise civilisation becomes a mere memory, and your chances of spotting the illusive Siamang gibbon increase. 


3 Day Expedition

Increase your chance of wildlife sightings by delving deeper into the jungle.

3 days + 2 nights

€170 p.person

Enhance your jungle experience and push your body that little bit further, as you traverse further away from civilisation and into the wild! Surrounded by a symphony of jungle sounds, allow our experts to open your eyes to the other amazing plants and animals found within this jungle paradise.

5 Day Expedition

Discover a secret jungle paradise on our wildest 'standard' expedition.

5 days + 4 nights

€320 p.person

Work together with our jungle experts as you put yourself to the test! Learn how to scavenge, cook and build your own jungle camp on the ultimate survival expedition. Leave with a sense of extreme accomplishment, but remember to leave nothing but footsteps behind.

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