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For provisional bookings/extra information requests, please use the google appointment calendar below. 

Please enter your appointment on the day you plan to arrive at Sumatra Expedition Lodge- if you are still unsure of your dates just pick one but include FLEXIBLE in your name; we can always edit the dates later! Then fill out the booking form with your selections and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

If you would like a google/whatsapp call to discuss your options/any questions you have regarding the jungle, our premises or our services, please leave you number and preferred call time and date.

We will be in touch regarding the availability of your requests, along with any suggestions we have for your travel group!


Please note, we always suggest staying a minimum of one night before and after your expedition in order to prepare and recuperate.

Alternatively, if you are still very unsure regarding your travel plans, please feel free to just send us a message!

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