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ABOUT SEE's Founder

My name is Ishako Ranto Simanjuntak, but you can call me Bang (brother) Kakau. Born and bred in the Bukit Lawang regency, my first experience with tourists was as a bright-eyed, twenty year old luggage porter!!!


I've come a long way since those early days, having travelled Sumatra as a 'perantau' or 'wanderer', working in Jambi, Batam, Palembang, Riau, Pekan Baru and Aceh; needless to say, I have amassed a wealth of guiding experience which I would be honoured to share with you. 

My life-long mission has always been to show my guests the really wild-side of the jungle, in order to help them gain a better and deeper understanding of both the Leuser ecosystem and those of us that live along its borders. After fifteen years of free-lancing with multiple local trekking companies, my wife and I decided to take the leap and establish SEE, Sumatran Ethical Expeditions. 

If you’d like to tour with me, please get in touch below so I can start creating the perfect itinerary for you. If you're already here in Bukit Lawang, swing by our fish farm for a coconut and a catch up; tell any local you're looking for Bang Kakok or Buk Lily and they'll know which way to point you in.

Bapak Kakok

Our Ethics

We define ethics as the moral principles that govern our behaviour, Now, the application of these can vary culture to culture, (ask us about the 'plastic bag dichotomy'!) however as an ethical, sustainable and responsible tour company all SEE team members follows our set of ethics. Whilst on a tour or in the jungle we sincerely consider you, our customers, as part of this team; therefore, please make sure to read through these ethics to check that we are compatible! 

Through the trees_edited.jpg

1. Respect and responsibility: when we enter the jungle, we are essentially stepping into someone else's home; please respect it responsibly.

2. Honesty and transparency: be aware of all your actions and take 

3. Social responsibility: whilst in the jungle you are a team; there is no 'I' in team, so remember to work together 

4. Integrity and compassion: Follow your heart whilst displaying compassion and care for others.

5. Fairness and accountability: The jungle has a funny way of ensuring karma always comes calling

Neil and Fiona


We trekked with Kakau and Wally on a 4-day trip through the Sumatran jungle and had an absolutely amazing experience! Not only were they knowledgeable and super fun to be around, but they are local guys who grew up with the jungle in their backyard. Can't say enough about our experience and would highly recommend doing a trek with them!

Harry Gunn


I had an excellent trekking experience! The guides were very knowledgable, friendly and good leaders. They successfully helped us see many jungle animals, including Orangutangs, Gibbons, Baboons, Thomas Leaf Monkey and a Monitor Lizard! They also prepared an abundant amount of fresh fruit snacks, and delicious meals throughout our trek. Thanks guys, see you again!

Jeremy Scott


I did 3 days trekking in 2019, it was an unforgettable experience. Kakao and Wolly are very knowledgeable guides and fantastic people - safe and fun in equal measure. They also speak great English. I highly recommend their services and hope to return soon to see them! 🌴❤️
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