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Tour Sumatra

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our North Sumatra Tours. Our ethical tours are led by local, professional, bilingual guides with a deep understanding of the diverse local culture, ecology and geography. From snorkelling to jungle trekking and even volcano hiking, we offer unique sites with an array of activities. Our itineraries also provide authentic opportunities to connect with locals and engage in cultural sharing. Routes and timetables can be customised to fit your preferences and schedule.

Bukit Lawang

Sumatran Heritage discovery tour

Looking to find your ancestral birthplace or home in Sumatra?

Our Sumatran Heritage Discovery Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the land of your ancestors and uncover the rich Sumatran cultural history that they once lived amongst. Our knowledgeable guides will help you locate the plantations and towns where your relatives once lived, and help you connect with local members of the community your ancestors lived amongst. Our personalized approach ensures that you'll leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of your family's past.

Please make sure to include all the information you have gathered so far regarding your ancestors time in Sumatra (plantation/hospital name, key sites such as bridges, rivers or mountains, house descriptions, unusual hobbies or physical traits and any old maps). Our 'detective services' rely heavily on the strong community knowledge and memory still found here in Sumatra, so every little detail really helps!

Our heritage tours not only aim to connect our guests with their family history, but also to highlight and expose them to the many debilitating consequences of colonialism acted out by their forefathers upon the indigenous communities. This is not an attempt to vilify or condemn their ancestors, but rather to provide an eye opening opportunity for reflection and healing, to ensure indigenous communities are never again subjugated at the hand of colonising forces.


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