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Sumatra Expedition Lodge

Our family-founded ethical guesthouse is the perfect gateway to both the jungle, and an authentic exploration into Sumatran village life. Featuring a large vegetable plot and working buffalo Betty, we try to blend our traditional farming heritage with the technologies of today (WIFI, western toilets and showers) to offer you the most authentic, yet comfortable Sumatran experience. Expect to pick your lunch or dinner ingredients from our veg plot, or even take a chance at catching your own fish supper from our two fish ponds, all the while enjoying the incredible vistas of the mountainous jungle, and live volcano, Sinabung. Our rooms range from 150.000-450.000IDR (€10-30) per night, in order to accommodate all budgets, and walks of life. If you're eager to explore the Sumatran jungle, whilst diving into traditional Sumatran culture, Sumatra Expedition Lodge is the place for you!

Rice Padi Room

450.000IDR per night



The lodge's most luxurious double room, with three private balconies overlooking the fish ponds, river, padi fields and Leuser National Park. 

Coconut Room

300.000IDR per night



Rest and recuperate in our airy and spacious Coconut Room; but don’t relax too much you forget to check out your delightful terrace view. 

Markisa Room

300.000IDR per night



Kick back and enjoy the cosy and airy feeling of our Markisa room; can you spot it's namesake (passionfruit) from your window?

Hornbill Nest

150.000IDR per night



Last but by no means least, our Hornbill room is set above our resto and shared bathroom, and features three private balconies ideal for yoga sessions and lazy jungle afternoons. 


The Area

  • Traditional Sumatran food

  • Western breakfasts

  • Homegrown produce

  • Bicycle/ scooter/ motorbike hire

  • Free Wifi

  • Karaoke machine

  • Acoustic music

  • Local coffee shop/ take-out

  • Local corner shop

  • Soul Bar (3mins)

  • Gino's place (3mins)

  • Masno's cafe (5mins)

  • Bukit Lawang Trust (5mins)

  • Friday Market (10mins)