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MPL irrigation clean up

Our Charitable Work

Supporting and promoting charitable programmes with authentic and visible impact, is an integral facet of our operation and code of ethics. Below you can find a selection of charitable organisations whose work we both value and support; please have a read, and see which programme resonates most with you. When you get in touch with us to book your trek, don't forget to let us know which programme you would like to support, and we will ensure 5% of your trek is donated to the relevant cause. 


Bukit Lawang Trust

For the past 17 years the Bukit Lawang Trust has been educating children from the surrounding communities in both conservation and English language studies. Employing 9 local women, supported by an army of volunteers the Trust routinely produces ground-breaking curriculums with breath-taking results.  Not only has the Trust impacted thousands of children's lives , it also holds a special place in SEE Lily's heart, as it was a two year placement as BLT's school manager and Head of Education that initially brought her here to Sumatra!  Let us know if you'd like to arrange a tour of the school and the incredible work that they do!


Masyarakat Peduli Lingkungan

Founded by a group of local men from Jawa Dalam, Masyarakat Peduli Lindungi aims to both deliver and promote a clean and safe environment for its 500+ inhabitants. Facilitated by local donations, a weekly rubbish collection scheme ensures sanitary waste disposal, in order to protect the integral water irrigation system. Community rubbish pick ups are scheduled each week; let us know if you'd like to join in and help!

MPL river clean up
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