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Jungle pack guide

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

As you're probably aware, the jungle is a wild and wondrous place, however you are very much subservient to the powerful forces of mother nature ( the incessant rain or heat, along with the mud and persistent mosquitos to name just a few).

Just like with any travel activity, the success of your jungle trek is heavily influenced by how you pack your kit; you don't want to be carrying a heavy pack, but equally you don't want to find yourself lacking anything you might need. So, what should you include in your jungle pack? Below is our comprehensive, tried and tested jungle trekking pack guide, in other words everything you definitely DO need in order to prepare yourself for a fantastic jungle trek!

Additionally, if you are concerned about leeches, please ask us to provide you with some tobacco; wet the tobacco slightly, rub it over your ankles and shins, before tucking your trousers into your socks, and the leeches will stay away!

Trail shoes are the most comfortable for the terrain, however please be aware your feet will most likely be wet/damp throughout the entirety of your trek. It's the RAINforest, okay guys.

On this point, clothing generally takes a long time to dry in the jungle, as there is little direct sunlight due to the canopy. If you cannot handle putting on wet clothes, bring a third set but again remember, even if it's not raining your clothes will be wet from your sweat. No pain no gain.

Finally, please note we here at SEE provide you with eco hygiene products for whilst you are in the jungle. This is in order to reduce the impact of harsh chemicals on the water-life and ecosystem as a whole.

Now you know what to pack for the jungle to ensure you have the best time

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