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How to get to Bukit Lawang 

Updated: Mar 20

In this article find out how to get to Bukit Lawang , and the different modes of transport, prices and journey length on offer!

If you’re planning on coming straight to Bukit Lawang, we suggest flying to Medan’s international airport, Kuala Namu, situated east of Medan city. From here you can either take the tourist bus or a private car. Before entering Indonesia make sure you have applied for a visa, or have means to pay for your 30day VOA (visa on arrival, 500.000 IDR/€30.), along with tickets for your flight OUT of Indonesia.

The tourist bus (shared car) operates between 0800-1600, dropping and collecting travellers to or from their respective locations. Their routes depend on the specific passenger destinations on the day, so although they share out the carbon they eat up time. Having said this, the benefits are not only environmental, ascheaper than the private car, and you have the opportunity to meet some like minded travellers on the way. The fare from Kuala Namu to Bukit Lawang is 210.000 p. person, whilst 150.000 p. person from Medan city. Once you confim your stay or trek with us, we will book your seat on the tourist bus.

Private car

Alternatively, if you choose to travel by private car we can collect you at any time from any place. Additionally, the driver will be able to accommodate any of your needs along the way (coffee/ food break) and will bring you directly to our Lodge. This service costs 750.000 p. car, so if there are four or more of you we definitely suggest booking this service! Our driver will be in uniform waiting for you in the arrivals terminal with your name(s) on a sign.

Please note if you’re planning on touring Sumatra, we suggest flying to Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport in the very north of Sumatra (Aceh) or Sisingamangaraja XII International Airport which is just south of Lake Toba. These two entrance points allow you to either travel North – South or South – North. Private cars along with the tourist bus operate between all these locations, however the prices between locations vary. If you are interested in touring across Sumatra, be sure to check out our tour packages!

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